On the Relationship between Iranian ESP Teachers' Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge and their Reflective Teaching in Online Classrooms

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Education, Ministry of Education, Jolg-e-Rokh District, Iran.


This study was done to investigate the relationship between technological pedagogical content knowledge and reflective teaching of Iranian ESP teachers in online classrooms. To meet the goals, 254 ESP teachers from different universities in Iran were selected to take part in the study. The technological pedagogical content knowledge and teachers’ reflective teaching questionnaires were used as the main instruments of the study. Pearson correlation and multiple regression were calculated to analyze the data gathered from the questionnaires. The findings showed that the relationship between Iranian ESP teachers' technological pedagogical content knowledge and their reflective teaching in online classrooms was significant and the components of TPCK significantly predicted the Iranian ESP teachers’ reflective teaching. The findings of the study assist ESP teachers to employ technological pedagogical content knowledge to enhance their reflective teaching in the teaching process.